30Day-Bootcamp Training Courses

Boot Camps for everyone!

Women's Camps
Our Women's Boot Camp is designed to help you meet your fitness goals – whether looking to take your training to the next level, firm up after pregnancy, or prepare for your wedding day! Over the course of one 30 Day session, you can expect to lose 5-15 pounds, reduce body fat, and elevate your mood and energy levels.

Co-Ed Camps
Boot camp for everyone! Our Boot Camps welcome beginning, intermediate, and advanced Boot Campers with variations and modifications available for every exercise. Train at your own pace, or let the instructors push you toward your goals!

Self Defense Seminars
30Day-Bootcamp offers group seminars for Women's self defense, and Co-Ed tactical self defense. Learn simple and effective self defense techniques which men and women of every size and ability can easily perform. Seminars also include the fundamental rules of safety to avoid dangerous situations before they begin.

Law Enforcement/Military Training
Our instructors have experience working with local Law Enforcement agencies including Police, California Highway Patrol, Deputy Sherrifs, SWAT Team members, and private security institutes. Our courses feature Krav Maga self defense training, Tactical Self Defense, along with R.C.A.T. weapon extractions. This training course arms you with the vital skill set that every citizen needs. Whether you are looking to brush up on your Academy training, or take it to the next level, our training will keep you safe in the line of duty.

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Now Only $189.00 per Month

* Limited Space Available ($189.00 average pricing per month when Pre-paid total sum of 12 months tuition in advance)

30 Days of Unlimited Training:
Train as much as you want, whenever you want!
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